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A Practical Guide for Systemic RtI Implementation

If you are like most districts, implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) may seem overwhelming. There is a lot of buzz about it, but not a lot of experience from the trenches. Two of the country’s foremost RtI experts and authors, TECedge's Sandy Patton and Bob Howell, have hands-on knowledge about effective implementation strategies from their work around the country.

They have documented best practices in Understanding Response to Intervention: A Practical Guide for Systemic Implementation, published by Solution Tree in June 2008. It provides clear examples of effective implementation, including assessment strategies, data systems, and checklists to assess RtI progress. It sold out in two months and is now in its second printing! There is clearly a demand for research-based advice on all aspects of RtI.

We can help you overcome this seemingly overwhealming task by providing your district leadership and teams with practical strategies to implement RtI district-wide. Learn specific strategies to respond to the needs of struggling students by building a pyramid of interventions, solving problems in collaborative teams, monitoring student progress through data, and employing customized solutions to help every unique learner succeed.   See RtI Services for details.

What People are Saying about the book
“This is an excellent resource for all stakeholder regardless of their level of understanding about RtI. The book will meet the needs of the reader who wants to gain a basic understanding of RTI [or] who is looking for guidance in implementing RTI at the district level.”

Sharon Hurst, Director of Special Education,
Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO

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