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ESE Chooses E-rate Expert, TECedge, to Develop Innovative
E-rate Tools

December 16, 2015 --

Cambridge, MA — Filing for E-rate Category 2 network infrastructure (e.g., Wi-Fi) is one of the Commissioner’s top priorities. As a result, the ESE Office of Digital Learning chose TECedge, Massachusetts’ E-rate experts, to develop an awareness campaign about the new E-rate rules that provide funding for ALL districts, including ones that did not receive any funds for network infrastructure previously.

“For most MA districts, this will be the first time they can get E-rate funds for Wi-Fi network infrastructure. It’s like a sale on Wi-Fi ranging from 40% to 85% off.” -Stephen Kelley, TECedge

TECedge developed the following E-rate resources in collaboration with the ESE Office of Digital Learning.

  • Category 2 Funding Estimator: Calculates E-rate funding available to districts and schools.
  • Bandwidth Calculator: Calculates the bandwidth recommended for the district overall and each school in the district, based on the SETDA recommendations.
  • E-rate Filing Checklist: Step-by-step checklist for filing and receiving maximum E-rate funding for your district.
  • E-rate Flyer: Summarizes the major benefits of the program, lists eligible Category 1 and Category 2 products and services, and highlights ESE's tools
  • E-rate 2.0 Frequently Asked E-rate Questions: These questions and answers focus primarily on changes that have occurred as a result of the E-rate Modernization Order. They provide detailed information about filing deadlines, funding, the competitive bidding process, purchasing off state contracts, and eligible products and services.
  • Slides for Superintendents: This concise slide deck explains in layperson's terms the benefits of the E-rate program to school committees, municipal officials, and the general public.

TECedge has helped districts obtain over $100 Million in E-rate funding and is highly experienced with filing both Category 1 and Category 2 funding for Massachusetts districts.  Last year, TECedge filed Category 2 funding for over 50 Massachusetts schools in 16 districts. To learn the more about E-rate 2.0 visit: http://www.tecedge.net/E-rate.htm.

About TECedge

TECedge, LLC, The Education Consultants, founded in 2005 by Marcia Kaplan and Stephen Kelley, is a team of experienced practitioners and strategic partners who work exclusively with educational organizations (PreK-12, higher education and public libraries) nationwide to help them plan and implement cost-effective technology solutions to support teaching, learning and educational management. The TECedge team has been providing vendor-independent technology consulting services to education for over 25 years. TECedge is located in Cambridge, MA and is a Massachusetts Pre-Approved Technology Vendor on ITS53ProjServTS. To learn more about TECedge services, visit: http://www.tecedge.net/.

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