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Accessible Instructional Materials and NIMAS

School districts are responsible for providing accessible instructional materials to students with disabilities who need them, regardless of whether or not the students are eligible to use National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards(NIMAS)materials.

  • Does your technology plan include language about alternative technology in general and NIMAS materials specifically?
  • Does your district include the proper language regarding NIMAS from DESE in all purchase orders?
  • Does your district have a process for making accessible instructional materials available for school work and homework?
  • Does your district address students on 504 plans and those without any plans?

If you answered "No" or are unsure, TECedge can help you prepare a technology plan consistent with all federal and state requirements.

We have developed an Accessible Instructional Materials Resource Guide for policy makers and practitioners for implementing accessible instructional materials (AIM) based on the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards (NIMAS). The Resource Guide includes links to information including:

  • frequently asked questions, with answers
  • policies and procedures for content management (guidance on downloading, scanning, storage, and dissemination)
  • AIM/NIMAS resources (free and otherwise)
  • digital rights management
  • materials oriented towards parents

Request your free Accessible Instructional Materials Resource Guide today!

If you need help, TECedge can guide you through the implementation of accessible instructional materials in your district.

Call today 617-276-6478 or email info@tecedge.net for more information on TECedge's Teaching and Learning Services!

Provide Accessible Instructional Materials to Students!

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